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Routine Eye Exams Can Help Preserve Your Vision

Vision should never be taken for granted. By scheduling regular eye exams at Today’s Vision in Houston, you can do your part in maintaining healthy vision. Preventative eye care will play a major role in preserving your vision as you grow older.   

Importance of Routine Eye Exams

Vision problems don’t always manifest themselves immediately. This means you may not feel the full effects of vision loss until some time has passed. For this reason, it’s important to schedule routine eye exams. Routine exams give your eye doctor an opportunity to detect eye diseases early on before they can do permanent harm. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases can help prevent vision loss. Our optometrist may recommend that you schedule an eye exam annually or every other year, depending on your current eye health.  

What to Expect During an Eye Exam

Eye exams at Today’s Vision begin with a consultation with our eye doctor to get background information on your medical history. During this consultation, you’ll be asked questions about your overall health, family, and work environment. Our optometrist will also inquire about current and past eye conditions and how they were treated so he will have a platform for formulating treatment plans, when needed, in the future.     

We conduct comprehensive eye exams that include vision and eye function testing. These tests provide us with valuable insight into the health of your vision.

Visual acuity tests measure the accuracy of your vision. They entail reading letters that range in size from large to small off of a standardized eye chart that's placed at a specific distance. Your ability (or lack thereof) to read these letters accurately determines whether you have clear vision or need corrective glasses to improve your sight. A 20/20 reading indicates you have normal visual acuity.

Eye functionality tests evaluate your peripheral vision, color vision, and how your eyes focus and respond to light. These tests will show our doctor of optometry if a condition is impairing your vision by keeping your eyes from focusing properly or working together as they should.

Evaluating Eye Health

Eye health evaluations are also included in our range of services. The first part of the evaluation consists of a visual inspection of your eyes and eyelids to see if there are any irregularities. Next, we’ll dilate the pupils of your eyes to examine their internal structure. The third part of the evaluation entails measuring your eye pressure to determine if you’re at risk of glaucoma.

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