Dry Eye

Treating Dry Eyes at our Houston Optometry

If you suffer from dry eyes, each day can be a challenge.  Your eyes might feel scratchy and appear red and you might not see as well as in the past.  Our eye doctor in Houston Dr. Amador Sanchez can help prevent long-term damage to your sight due to dry eyes and make life comfortable again. Learn more about dry eye treatment at Today’s Vision Northside.

Dry Eyee

Symptoms and Causes of Dry Eyes

This condition develops when there are not enough quality tears to keep your eyes lubricated.  The tears keep the front portion of your eye health and assist in helping you experience clear vision.  When tear production and tear drainage are not balanced, dry eyes are often the result. Dry eyes can make you feel like you have sand in them and cause your vision to be blurred.  Ironically though, as your eye tries to compensate for the dryness, it sometimes makes too many tears, leaving you with a sensation of seeping eyes.

Dr. Sanchez is skilled at diagnosing the triggers of dry eyes.  Some factors are potential causes of this problem include:

  • Inadequate tear production
  • Allergies and other environmental conditions
  • Advancing age
  • Medication
  • Medical disorders such as diabetes
  • Eye strain from computer use or reading
  • Long-term contact lens usage
  • Dry eye syndrome

Dry Eye Treatment in Houston

After several eye exams and discussing your symptoms, our vision care specialists will prescribe the most appropriate dry eye treatment for your discomfort:

  • Supplementing tears with over-the-counter products such as artificial tears that are free of preservatives often helps mild cases.
  • Keeping tears in the eye can help reduce your symptoms.  One option is temporarily blocking tear ducts with tiny plugs.  Another is closing the ducts permanently.
  • Boosting tear production is possible with eye drops our eye doctors prescribe.  Using omega-3 fatty acid supplements helps some patients.
  • Treating inflammation in an eyelid or on an ocular surface boosts comfort.  Our optometrists can prescribe eye ointments or drops to bring inflammation quickly under control.  Additional options to help you feel better to include warm compresses, eyelid massages, and special eyelid cleansers.
  • Making lifestyle changes can make every day more comfortable.  Our optometrists can provide tips on easy changes such as drinking more fluids and avoiding certain foods.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Eye Doctor at Today’s Vision Northside

Don’t continue to suffer from the effects of dry eyes.  Our Houston optometrist, Dr. Sanchez is highly skilled at evaluating and treating vision disorders, including providing dry eye treatment.  Call us today at 713-694-3937 to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.  We would love to have you as part of our Houston eye care family!

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